A September Update



Yes, here it is – as promised! My very first proper moodboard! Do you like it? It’s a pretty simple one, but I feel pleased with it.

A couple of things I noticed from doing this: first, it’s really interesting to see what makes the cut in terms of focus for the moodboard. You have limited space and time, and so you have to choose what to focus on – which images speak to you the most, and why.

I went onto Pinterest for my images, and searching for them there was another layer of choice as well – do I search for fashion images, or do I want to focus more on images that speak to my career goals? It’s definitely an interesting process, psychologically speaking, to see what my priorities are, when forced to put them into a small square space!

I’d say for me, looking at this board, it speaks to a continuing love of a beautiful life (interiors, fashion, interesting locations), combined with a desire to be both more resilient and determined (‘actually I can’) and also to make the most of the present (particularly in relationships, treasuring the people I love: ‘every moment matters’). And finally, the magazine cover speaks to my love of the written word, interesting design and indie magazines, and my desire to editΒ a publication one day.

Secondly, it’s interesting even when you’ve decided on the various themes for the moodboard, to see what patterns emerge from the final images chosen. Looking at this moodboard, I realise that my style and aesthetic has evolved from the bright, punchy, patterned choices I would have made a few years ago, to a softer, more tonal and classic style. It’s a bit … quieter. Still thinking about what this means, really! But it was a really interesting exercise.

With new notebooks in tow, and some brainstorming and mind-mapping from this month under my belt, I can’t say that I have this detailed five-year plan (if anything, reflecting this month on dreams and plans has reminded me so much of how life is unpredictable – five years ago, I couldn’t have predicted anything like what my life is like now!). But I have some interesting ideas and projects that I’d like to explore, investigate and maybe pursue in the next few months – all very mysterious I know, but that’s all I can say for now!

I would definitely recommend setting aside the space regularly to check in with yourself, your values and your dreams and goals – and even less intentionally than that, taking time to just daydream and let your imagination run wild for a while is so freeing – we do it so much as children, and then seem to lose the capacity for it as adults. I think this is an important thing to reclaim.

Oh, and speaking of reclaiming imagination and dreams – you may not have the time to read the whole of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, but have a read of this post, which summarises the book so well and should get you thinking! I think it’s such a down-to-earth way to look at concepts of purpose and meaning in life. What do you think?

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