September Method



So … I’m so sorry that it’s been ages since I’ve written! A month-long wedding trip in Australia (yeah, hard life I know!) and all the planning that goes into that have made things a little crazy around here.

I want to hit the ground running again, though!

I figured that I’d start with September’s method, and add to that last month’s one, because they fit pretty well together, actually. August was ‘planning and dreaming’ and September is ‘creativity.’ I think that they could combine to form a nice little month of scheming and fun! 🙂 I’m going to need to cover sleep (July) at some other time …

So, here’s the plan:

  • Get a really beautiful notebook.
    A good plan needs a good notebook, right?! My love of Korean stationery has already been made clear, I know. But I also love Liberty, band.o and the good old recycled paper notebooks at Muji. So, a lovely notebook is definitely on the cards.
  • Re-read Elizabeth Gilbert and Stephen King.
    Specifically, Big Magic and On Writing. I love these books SO MUCH. They’re packed full of inspiration around creative living and writing, and they both weirdly have this incredibly magical, mystical view of creativity which is almost spiritual – they believe that ideas and stories are like treasures waiting to be found, planted from the beginning of time for humans to discover (in King’s case), and actually alive and with wills of their own, attaching themselves to people who are open to them (in Gilbert’s case). Completely unprovable obviously, but who says this has to be hard science?! I’m intrigued by this idea, and I’m going to be thinking more about how thinking about creativity and ideas in these ways might influence the way that I approach my life and the creative process. My plan is to read through these books again, absorb all the good stuff, and maybe share a few of my favourite snippets with you, to get you inspired as well.
  • Schedule regular writing and creative/dreaming time into my week.
    This is where I get to devise a timetable for myself, which allows for pockets of creativity in my everyday life. Whether that’s getting up a bit earlier, carving out time on a weekend or a set night of the week, or even cutting back some of my work hours to take time to focus on my writing, this is a practical but slightly nerve-wracking step to take. I’ll let you know how I go!
  • Set some goals.
    So, I’m not sure how much I subscribe to five year goals, or ten year goals – but I’m going to really reflect on what I want my life to look like this month, RIGHT NOW. Because the thing is, I’m always saying that I want my life to look like this way or that way in the future (in fact, I never stop thinking about the future; I’m quite a future-focused person) – and I’ve realised that I haven’t stopped and realised that some of the things that I’m wanting to achieve (or at least, work towards), start right now. I guess in many ways, that’s what this whole life project has been all about – but the mind-set behind it is only starting to click now. What do I want my life to look like in this moment, in this month, in this year? Of course, I’m going to think about the future, too. But I’m going to start here, rather than in one year, or five years’ time.
  • Create a moodboard.
    This is for fun! I’ve always wanted to, and now I’m gonna! I’ll put up a pic, I promise!

One thought on “September Method

  1. Yay! You’re back!!!! So sad to have missed you but we ended up quarantined due to a chicken pox outbreak at home. 😦 Creativity and dreaming this month- so you! 😀

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