A June update

I thought, before launching into July’s method, that I should give a quick update on how I went with June’s challenge: June was definitely an interesting month!

Here’s how I responded to the various challenges I set myself:

Go through my existing wardrobe and define my ‘style’          

So, I did this. It was really fun actually – with the help of the eBook I mentioned from minimalist blogger Into Mind, and a whole lot of Pinterest. I realised that for most of the year, there are several staples which I turn to again and again, which form the basis of my style. One of the things that I’d really love for my new wardrobe to do, is to minimise stress in the morning when getting ready and to help me look ‘effortlessly chic’ rather than like someone who’s just thrown together items from someone’s dressing-up box (my usual look). I’m in my 30s now, I kind of feel like simplicity and pared-back dressing is my new thing.

So anyway, I decided to investigate the idea of uniform dressing (if you’re interested, here, here and here are good places to start on reading up on this – oh, and I like this feature as well). A lot of people in fashion do it, possibly because when you’re surrounded by beautiful clothing all day, you get visual overload? IDK. Anyway, this is what I decided to develop –a uniform, which I can wear five days a week, and then if I want to, I can take weekends off and wear sequins, feathers, and vintage dresses, as is my wont.

I’m still refining exactly what my uniform will be, but I realised that I naturally gravitate towards high-waisted jeans and trousers, and I love a good bodysuit as well. Throw on a vintage blazer in cooler weather, and some trainers, and voila! My ideal outfit. I genuinely wear this at least a couple of days a week anyway, so why not make it my thing? I’m off to the shops on payday to start stocking up!

Ruthlessly throw away (or give away) anything that doesn’t work anymore/hasn’t been worn in months

I did this. It hurt. But it’s worth it. And surprisingly, it constituted a lot of my wardrobe. So far though, I haven’t missed anything from it. I’ve read though, that a good option is to have a box in the house that you put these things into, rather than throwing away immediately, and then if you genuinely find you miss something or have accidentally thrown out something you need, you can retrieve it. In the more likely scenario that you won’t even miss anything in there, you throw it out after six months.

Identify gaps in my wardrobe, and create a shopping list for the rest of the year

I’ve kind of done this with my ‘uniform’ idea, but there is a small shopping list on my phone now, which reminds me when I’m in stores that that spangly maxi is NOT what I’m looking for…

Sort and file important paperwork, and bin the rest

We’ve got a box now, with all of our important paperwork in it. There still seems to be some suspiciously peripheral-looking bits of paper floating around, but these will definitely being eliminated by the time we move, in just a few weeks. And those important documents now have a home.

One in, one out

This is obviously an ongoing resolution, and I haven’t bought anything yet to test this (this month has made me surprisingly frugal, as the amount of clothes I threw away has been a constant reminder of how easily I buy and then discard clothes – it makes me feel slightly sick. So I’m more careful with my purchases now, I think). Oh, hang on! I did buy two new pairs of high-waisted jeans, and throw out two pairs of old ones that were full of holes – so that’s a win!



3 thoughts on “A June update

  1. I’ve been waiting to hear your update on this- as I know how much you LOVE clothes… 😀 I’ve been mulling over a ‘uniform’ type style for week days for me as well…. still don’t have a clear idea of what this will be tho…. BUT you have given me a few nudges in the right direction! 😀

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