The method, June: Stuff



Oh boy. This one is coming at just the right time.

So, my husband and I are moving house soon – our first little place on our own, as a married couple – and we’re super excited about it!

I’ve always dreamed about having my own house – probably even more than I dreamed about finding someone to share it with, honestly! And my Pinterest can bear testament to this. As soon as I discovered that site a few years ago, I was all over those leather Chesterfields, whitewashed floorboards and Scandi sideboards.

But before all the fun of decorating can begin, the sifting of stuff must be done. Specifically clothes, in my case.

So what do I do? Create a capsule wardrobe? Decide to become a fully-fledged minimalist?

Not quite. Here’s my current plan of action:


Go through my existing wardrobe and define my ‘style’          

There’s this great resource which I downloaded a while ago, from minimalist blogger Into Mind. It’s a guide to defining your personal style and ticks a lot of boxes for me: navel-gazing; cute stationery (especially if you print it out on a coloured paper!); lists and FASHUN. I’m going to give it a go.


Ruthlessly throw away (or give away) anything that doesn’t work anymore/hasn’t been worn in months

Fairly self-explanatory and very Marie Kondo. But it’s going to be tough.


Identify gaps in my wardrobe, and create a shopping list for the rest of the year

I’m going to have to be strict with myself about sticking to this, as I’m notoriously bad at sticking to a plan, particularly when it comes to shopping! I’m going to put it on some nice notepaper, I think…


Sort and file important paperwork, and bin the rest

And something not clothes-based: again, a little bit of KonMari method is going to help me out nicely here. I have stacks of paper everywhere in our room at the moment – WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM?? I have no idea, but it’s not staying anymore. I really don’t need to revise those university exam papers, ten years on.


One in, one out

A resolution for future acquisitions, both clothing and otherwise – if I’m thinking of bringing something into my home on a permanent basis (from flyers to fan fiction), then something goes, to take its place. Yikes! But after this bad baby of a sort-out, I won’t want my hard-won, Zen-like peace of mind to be disrupted.




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