April Method: Exercise


Photo by Alex Wong

Ok, so this is the post that I’ve been dreading writing.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate exercise.

Some people say this is in a cutesy, self-deprecating kind of way, and then end up running a marathon the next month. Well, rest assured, that isn’t me.

This is a pretty weird thing I guess, given that I grew up in an Australian, sports-obsessed family (and my sister is a personal trainer). But I was never naturally that good at sport, so that always put me off. And now it feels like I’m so unfit, that it’s really a big deal to do any exercise at all.

But. I know this is important. And I’ve got to start somewhere.

So, here goes. My goals for April, for exercise, are:

  • To jog 3 times a week (even if it’s just around the block to start with. I mean really, it’s that bad).
  • To do some Pilates stretches in the morning, because I got a massage last month, and the massage therapist told me my muscles were ‘too tightly held’.
  • Do some squats and lunges every other day (again, starting from virtually zero). I need to tone up so badly!
  • Get a massage (this is my treat to myself – I luuuurve massages. I’d love to incorporate this into my monthly routine).


A short list, but I think that’s ok, given where I’m coming from! Wish me luck! *panickedface*


One thought on “April Method: Exercise

  1. Ok, So I just found out you’ve got a blog/website- how exciting- count me in as an avid follower! Knowing you as I do, I’m giggling at your April challenge… but also cheering you on! I’m thinking maybe I need to start implementing some of your changes too….eek! Can’t wait to read your April recap!

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