January 31st: an update


Well, here I am at the last day of January, and while there’s still a way to go for me health-wise, I wanted to share the successes of this month so far.

Going back to my original January method, here’s how I did:

  1. Always eat breakfast. 
    Nailed this one. I am now ravenous in the mornings if I don’t eat first thing, and 99% of the time what I’m ‘eating’ is green juice. And it mostly tastes pretty good! On weekends, sometimes I treat myself to something sweeter, but mostly I’m sticking to the good stuff. Success!
  2. Juice more. 
    See point 1. This NutriBullet thing is changing my life.
  3. Eat clean/eat more vegetarian meals.
    This has been mixed, to be honest. I’m better than I was in the sense that my meals are pretty healthy now: lots of vegetarian dishes, very little processed food – but I’m still snacking quite a lot. Something that I’m thinking of doing is paying attention to when I’m most likely to cave during the day, and with what, and then trying to find healthy substitutes.
  4. Drink two litres of water a day.
    So I have a confession … I still haven’t managed this one. But my water intake has dramatically increased, and I bought this really cute huge sipper cup the other day, which I’m going to filling with water and sliced lemon to sip on throughout the day. Cute cups are definitely an incentive, right?!
  5. Only drink alcohol on the weekends.
    I’m drinking less, definitely – but still haven’t quite kicked this. I think one of the reasons is that I need to have a substitute on hand – like mineral water with fresh lime wedges – and I haven’t been organised enough with that.
  6. Drink lemon/ACV detox. 
    I’ve started this (the plain lemon and hot water drink though – no added apple cider vinegar, as it tastes GROSS and I just can’t handle gross in the morning). It’s great. My body weirdly feels instantly better when I do this – or is it the placebo effect? Apparently lemon goes from being acidic to akaline when it enters your body, helping to maintain your body’s PH. So this is a habit I’m sticking with.
  7. Take vitamins.
    There is SO much information about supplements out there. It’s confusing. But I think I’m going to stick with taking my Super Elixir in the morning, some iron, Vitamin D and fish oil. I’m also going to start taking Epsom Salt baths, as a way to boost my magnesium (your pores absorb it whilst in the bath).
  8. Make lunches to take to work.
    Again, this has been one that I’ve kept pretty easily. I still go for a walk most lunch breaks to get out into the fresh air, but it’s great not to be spending the extra money and time on getting lunch. I feel pretty virtuous when doing this actually. My go-to for lunch is some grains like these from Tilda, with a fresh tomato salsa for extra flavour and I sometimes add some protein like chicken or some chorizo slices.Overall, I feel like there’s always going to be room for improvement in this: I mean, who gets it right first time? But it feels SO GOOD to start. :)Next post: I’ll be listing some of the books and resources that I’ve found really helpful over this January.

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