A January update


Well, this is really where the rubber hits the road, right?

After posting about my resolutions a few days ago for the Whole Life Project in January, I thought it would be good to write a little update on how things are actually going, and what I’m discovering along the way.

Firstly, there’s so much (conflicting!) information out there about how to be healthy. I always knew this I guess, but it’s really pretty overwhelming. You read something about clean eating on Goop, then you read something in Cosmo completely debunking it.

I’m still going to have to do more research into this, to satisfy my curiosity about what is going to work for me, but I’ve decided to stick to what I do know:

First, I need to listen to my body. I feel ill and get horrible stomach cramps whenever I eat a lot of dairy or wheat. It is probably not a full-blown intolerance, but in the case of dairy, it’s pretty close. So I need to minimise these things, or cut them out completely.

Second, I’m concerned about the sustainability of eating a lot of meat; both for myself personally, as it feels like a lot for my body to cope with, as high-fibre diets promote quicker digestion, and also for the environment generally (particularly beef). So for me, being more focused upon vegetarian meals for the majority of the week seems to be a really sensible option.

And finally, I know that having lots of processed food is bad for me. There’s nothing that will convince me otherwise, and I’m not sure that anyone can legitimately argue against it. Yes, some of the clean eating movement make some pretty overblown statements, and are not always particularly scientific in their claims. But despite how annoying that can be for the more scientifically-minded among us, I’m not sure that, as long as I eat more whole food, and only eat wheat and dairy in moderation, I’m going to be much healthier.

As for the changes I have already implemented: I’m already having juices most mornings (usually a mix of fruit and green leafy vegetables like kale or spinach), with my Super Elixir supplement, eating breakfast, eating more vegetarian meals, and taking lunch to work. I do definitely feel more energetic in the morning already and feel generally a little lighter, like my body is functioning a little better each day.

I still have to get going on properly researching supplements, and the two litres of water is predictably, proving really difficult. Next week I’m really going to focus on these two things – so watch this space!
















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