The method


So, here it is: the guidelines for my 2016 Whole Life Project. Last week, I introduced the concept, but I wanted to flesh it out a little more, and explain exactly how I’m going to go about this, over the next year.

My little white notebook is what I’m putting to good use this year – unusually for me, because I collect pretty notebooks and then don’t usually do much with them – but I resisted the urge to leave the pages pure and white, and instead, decided to map out my plan for this project in some more detail.

I chose a page for each month, and then decided on the ‘theme’ for each one: health for January, spiritual wellbeing for February, money for March, etc.  Then I brainstormed some ideas of how I’d like to develop these areas during that month.

It’s a pretty simple idea, but hopefully focusing on just one area of my life at a time will really help me to integrate some better habits into my day-to-day living. Usually I just crash and burn trying to change everything all at once, or I realise that I want to start doing something (like exercising more, for example), but then I realise that I need to research it properly, or buy some gear to get started and then I procrastinate, and never end up starting it at all.

This plan gives me the grace of a month, not to have everything ‘sorted’ but to hone in on one theme, research it, figure out what might and might not work for me, and put some new habits into practice around that theme, without having a super-crazy goal in mind. I just want to be more healthy by the end of January, and have some achievable habits in place, rather than say, have lost a set amount of weight or eaten x number of carrots. (I’m goal-oriented, but not THAT much!)

So anyway, onto the method. Love this part!

So my idea at the moment is to look at:


FEBRUARY: Spiritual wellbeing

MARCH: Money

APRIL: Exercise

MAY: Time

JUNE: Stuff (as in, I have too much: minimalism, here I come!)

JULY: Sleep

AUGUST: Planning and dreaming

SEPTEMBER: Creativity

OCTOBER: Wardrobe

NOVEMBER: Friends & family

DECEMBER: Inspiration (finding ways to add inspiring and engaging things into my life)

Throughout all of these months, I’ll be talking about various books, blogs and podcasts that I’m discovering as I research each theme, and I’ll do a round-up post at the end of each month (like a bibliography!) of these, so that you can dip in and out of these and get inspired, if you want to join in!

In my next post, I’ll be talking more about which particular choices I’ll be making in January – excited to begin!




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