Introducing the whole life project…



Some people hate New Year’s resolutions. Not me.

I thrive on the challenge of taking stock of where things are, planning where they could be, and just generally trying to Improve My Life. I also buy a lot of stationery, so this is the perfect time to fill my notebooks with virtuous lists and promises soon to be discarded.

And yes, I totally get the fact that we can’t place our faith in a date change to make our lives better. When you wake up on January 1st, you carry your whole life from December 31st, baggage and all, right into it. So it’s not about a delusional belief in the magic of a number, or wishful thinking.

But I do firmly believe in the importance of rituals and symbols; that sometimes we need the catalyst of an annual marker to help us reflect on who we are and who we want to be. A  lot of people find New Years helpful in this respect, and I’m definitely one of them.

So one of my aims during 2016 on this blog, alongside my other thoughts and speculations, is to write about a year-long challenge I’m calling my ‘whole life project’.

It’s basically an attempt, each month for a year, to focus on a particular area of my life that I want to see change in. For January (predictably, after the standard Christmas binging), it’s going to be all about health . After focusing on this for a month, and hopefully forming some good new habits over those thirty-one days, in February, I’ll focus on another area of my life (while hopefully being able to carry over at least most of the good habits begun in January!), and so on.

The idea is to push myself a bit in a bunch of different areas, but not in my usual, scattershot approach. So, wish me luck! I’m about as lazy and indifferent to change as the average person, despite my good intentions, so it should be an interesting challenge.

I’ll update you more in the next post as to exactly what I’ll be focusing on each month in 2016.

And for all those wondering about my inspiration for all this new-found virtuousness, I blame Marie Kondo, The Minimalists and Sarah Wilson.

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